Telling your story

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We offer a tailored service creating comics to your specification. You can use comics to describe your product or service and we will help you through the creative process. We can turn you and your staff into the heroes of your own story, engaging potential customers and clients in a fun way. Why not show how you appreciate your staffs' most recent accomplishments, by allowing us to showcase it as a story full of heroism, your head of IT manning a ship through a ferocious storm, your legal team battling pirates, our imagination is your limit and we simply don’t deal in such mundane things as limits.

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Bringing personality 

Avatars are the conceptual action heroes of your brand, the "action brand". They can infuse any planned event or product presentation with a sense of action. Seeing an Avatar treat your product or future event as important and fun will invoke similar feelings in your audience. In giving your brand an “extra set of hands” in this way, you are allowing your brand infinitely more expression.



NFT Trading Cards

What the Fork are NFT’s?

We don’t know either, but we do have a plan. We are creating a Superverse where you can use your own avatars as unique assets. Wish to turn them into a playable game character or trading cards? Corporate Comics will develop that for you according to the brand’s identity.

Telling your story

Digital Stickers 

What the Fork are NFT’s?

As an extension of your customized avatar, digital sticker packs add flair and personality to the messages you send to your customers or within your own community, customized stickers are a must. We will design the sticker packs you need to engrave your company’s identity on your audience’s mind.

Animation & Illustration

Get your business in motion

A brand is the face of your company but a face with no personality, is hard to entirely fall in love with. We offer the unique service allowing you to express the brand’s personality

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as we tell your story, communicate your vision and bring clients into your inner World. We offer the concept of an inner life to the brand.

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